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PLayers are less likely to report concussion in light of Smith's benching

PLayers are less likely to report concussion in light of Smith's benching

I know that if I was playing this week after seeing a Top 10 QB on a top tier team lose his job because of a concussion I'm certainly not reporting it.
Players have always and will always try to hide concussions. This is nothing new.
Yeah - they probably won't report it.


If your performance will hurt your team and maybe a loss - man up & get healthy!
Na. No more, no less.
Who's the top ten QB?
Originally posted by YungAce:
Who's the top ten QB?

Smith was 3rd rated QB prior to his concussion which is an improvement over his number 9 rating last season. He was solid but not the playmaker that Kaep seems to have the potential to be. I can't pretend Alex wasn't playing solid football but imma go with Kaep if I am Jim if he can at least give us as good a chance as Alex to win
Yeah, don't report it or you'll lose your job
See the thing that makes Alex's case very unique is, he has always been 1 injury away from getting replaced under Harbaugh since day 1 of the new regime. A lot of people are in denial about this. They drafted Kaepernick to replace Alex. It didn't happen in 2011 because Alex survived they year in one piece. It was not ever due to performance or letting Kap watch and learn. I promise if this same event had happened one year ago, the result would be the same. 2012 reinforces this fact through the Payton Manning courtship, and so on, and so forth.

Alex under Harbaugh has always been one eggshell away from being discarded. It's the truth. He's backup quality talent that has some how survived everything under the sun, but his shortcomings as a passer are un-hidable by any man. Roman tried hard, and they even gave Alex a contract with the tiniest ray of hope he would turn it around in 2012. He did not. I'm not going to go into how his numbers this year are misleading, NT has that covered quite well. When your opponent doesn't fear you one microbit, they will find ways to make things insufferably difficult, just like New York and Minnesota did.

Not many men - and certainly not many stars - in the NFL are on as thin ice as Alex was. This is why I don't think the concussion thing is a big deal for anyone else's job security. Alex is a very special case, who had little job security to begin with.

Long live King Kaepernick, go Niners.

now if you worded it like this, "Mediocre QB's are less likely to report concussion in light of Smith's benching." Then it would be true.
So if Ryan Fitzpatrick gets one. he for sure wont be reporting it..
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He didn't lose his job bc of a concussion.
players already try to hide their concussions, all they want to do is play
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