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DRC still believes in the "Dream Team"

Man these Eagles could not be more overrated. It seems each week they're finding new ways to lose but in their minds they're still the best.
Maybe the most delusional team in the NFL..... Well they are in the running with the cowboys for that title
DRC is an idiot.
I thought you said DMC :

*cough cough*
More Nightmare team.
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Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
DRC is an idiot.

Once a cardinal always a cardinal I guess

Originally posted by Marsh:

based on his tackling....i agree

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what is wrong with this guy? They are 3-7!!!
They're definitely a "Dream Team" - for every team that plays them.
Delusions of grandeur. The Andy Reid era is over. They are going to have rebuild in the worst way.
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