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Is Dashon Goldson the best FS in the NFL?

He was for most of the season last year IMO. His play, along with just about the entire D, tailed off toward the end of the year. Still, he's a very good player and I'm sure the 49ers want him back.

Just remember Baalke and the FO has a value assigned to every player in the NFL, and they don't typically deviate very much from that value. Free Agency is notorious for vastly overpaying players.

Either way, I'm not concerned b/c Baalke already has a track record of making some very good moves. He'll make the right call.
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Originally posted by ChazBoner:

you forgot your irony tags.

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we just need Eric Reid to change his number to 38 and then pray he can pick up Dashon's natural instinct. It took Goldson a while, but he always showed flashes along the I'm going to be patient.

the good thing is Reid is faster than Goldson, "clock" wise...but Dashon just seemed to get the feel of the game down where he would get to the LOS so fast after reading the play.
imo yes
He's never been rated any higher than around 10th best by any ratings group or sports prognosticators. Last season, 38 safeties had more combined tackles. 10 safeties had more interceptions. On top of that, Goldson had 4 unnecessary roughness penalties that extended drives with an extra 15 yards, 2 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties at 15 yards a piece and one pass interference penalty.

I always liked Goldson. But, by the numbers, no, he's not the best FS in the NFL.
He is the best. Personally I think Sean Taylor was the best but he dead man..
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No, Eric Reid is.
He is the best. Personally I think Sean Taylor was the best but he dead man..
Originally posted by pdizo916:
Not even close. Ed Reed is.

Yeah, but Ed Reed is more like a corner who gives a cushion. He has had a lot of help to showcase his like greatness though too..

Goldson is definitely in top 3-5, but it will soon be Reid. I am so happy they didnt pic Vaccarro. I think he is soft. The Saint can have him. He is a good player, but he is not a hitter like Reid and definitely is not as put together as Eric either. When you look at Reid, he just looks like a freak athletic safety. Also really intelligent guy. Great pic in my opinion
not anymore since he took off the red and gold
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
not anymore since he took off the red and gold

Bingo, the system maximizes the talent it has.

Just a gut feeling, but I feel that Tampa Bay's secondary will be the second-coming of the Eagles circa 2011/2012.
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Goldson is not the best, off the top of my head I would still take Reed, Polomalu, or Byrd ahead of him in a heartbeat. Hes a big hitter but IMO his angles got exposed last year. Go and watch the playoff games again, his over the top coverage was pathetic, he consistently took bad angles and hung Brown and Culliver out to dry. He's good but overrated on this board. If he was a SS then he would be tops in the league, but as a FS he is on the cusp of the top 5 but no where close to top 3.
No,only homers would even consider him that. In reality the only reason he even gets consideration is for hitting, which is about the fourth most important thing a FS should be able to do and he sucks at tackling, reading plays and pursuit angles. As I said in another thread, f**k da$hon he cares more about money than being a niner, so he can go eat a bag of dripping raw dicks.
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