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Is Dashon Goldson the best FS in the NFL?

Fined 10k for late hit. Dudes pocketbook is always taking a hit
He's in the top 3 at least. There is not safety in the NFL that brings to the table what he brings. Hard hitting and play making ability.
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LOL no way, not even close. Earl Thomas is as much as I hate Seattle. His range is so key to that defense, they play single high safety because of him. Rare cover skills.
nope top 5 maybe (probably not) wheather Niners fans want to admit it or not Goldson has liabilities in coverage. he make come up with some big plays in coverage from time to time but he gives a way to many plays to opposing offenses trying to make his big plays.
Eric Berry is the best followed by Bird from buffalo.
No. Too many times I saw a catch, and then 2-3 seconds later Goldson popping in out of the screen to pop a hit.

Dude has to thank a top-10 pass rush for most of this success.
he's probably the hardest hitting saftey in the league.
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Originally posted by BuZzB28:
Yep.. Goldson hit the TE and drop the ball then scared for us.. that is why.. it is best the hit hard and keep beast defense! Go Pwillis and Goldson!!

Is it weird that I can read the first sentence of his post and recognize immediately that it's BuzzB
No, but he might be the best SS. Of course he doesn't play that position.

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Originally posted by pdizo916:
he's probably the hardest hitting saftey in the league.

he also leads the nfl in extending drives for the other team due to his stupid penalties, good bye in my opinion
No but I still hope we resign him.
Hes good but like was brought up he gets too many penalties to be considered the best.
Top 5 at least.
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