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I2013 is Philp Rivers an Option

Up until last year he was top 5. Needs a change of scenery. Should have beat the Pats in the playoffs some years back but an interception by a Charger turned into a fumble and cost them a SB appearance. Norv Turner can't win period. Sometimes a change is all guy needs.
Ummm hell no...I'm good with alex for now. Hopefully jh has a plan to steal luck hey I can dream can't I
he is horrible
Rivers is on the downhill side of his career...he's had some good seasons, but he's definitely not near the top of his game any more. No thanks.
Never...Nothing is ever that dudes fault. He is a hypocrite. Talks about how religious he is and then you see him cursing on the field when he throws a INT. No thanks
Rivers also has unrealized potential. Not sure why he's as bad as he is, but I do not want to see him as a 49ers QB.
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Shaun Hill or JT O'Sullivan - toss up! What do you think Phil?

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Originally posted by UKNiners:
Shaun Hill or JT O'Sullivan - toss up! What do you think Phil?

"should I throw with this arm or this one" durrrr.. I hate rivers dude has a noodle arm

In response to a team in my fantasy league naming his squad "Alex Smith Stinks," I named my team "20 Picks Rivers."

I hate to talk bad about Norv, especially since he did well with Alex in his one year as the Niners' OC, but he's a terrible coach.
Rivers is garbage.
What the f**k happened to him? But yes, I'll take a chance on him. The only way you'll get a QB of his caliber is if he's going through a s**tty/uncertain period.
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I'll stick with ColOn Kap-er-nick - He has a lot of talent, good arm and SEES the entire field and DOESN'T HESITATE!

fyi - this is by no means a knock on Alex

Is it 2009? No? Then no thanks.
He was far better than Alex over time. Lately for the last 2 years he has had a major dropoff. Partially IMO it's because their team dropped off. Their defense and running game got so much worse. They lost a lot of D guys to age, retirement, FA, injuries. This allows the other teams to score tons more. And they are always playing catch up and chucking the ball all over the field. This leads to interceptions. They lost LT and Sproles and Michael Turner. All of those. They had a powerful running game. Now it's not balanced. It's one dimensional with passing being the key. So other teams tea off on the blitz and on the QB. This has an effect also. Finally they lost Vincent Jackson. A huge blow to Phillip Rivers. He used to just chuck it up in the air and have VJ come down with it since he is 6'5" 240 lbs. Now they don't have the WR's who can do that. This leads to more interceptions.

Really I think Rivers would be better on this team than he is on SD. There is so much more talent here than there. All things being equal talent wise on Team A and Team B by comparison if the talent was apples to apples I'd say Rivers is ahead of Alex Smith. Alex has a more talented team in recent years. The Chargers have been steadily declining for many reasons since their 14 - 2 powerhouse days. It's an overall team deterioration more so than Rivers I think. Although you could say there has been some decline with him though too.

One thing with Rivers is he won't struggle to throw for 150 yards in a game.... And if you get behind by a few TD's you are still in it because he can score a lot fast.

IMO Rivers got into some bad habits early in his career when he had LT and Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates in his real prime and a powerhouse defense. He could just chuck anything up and not worry about anything. His WR's / TE's were so physical they would usually come down with it. If not his defense and running game would bail him out anyway Still to say he's not better than Smith over time would be rediculous IMO. Is he better now? I don't know. Alex's team is so much better and Phillips team is so much worse. My guess would be if they were on the same 49ers team Rivers is the starter and Alex the backup. With the roster we have I think Rivers would do a lot.
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Would or could we make any moves to get him next season? Or would it be worth it? Just asking.

i dpnt think hed be happy being alex smith's backup
Rivers would fumble the kneel down last night and the Seahawks would have tied the game

were any of you thinking seahawks might try what the bucs did vs giants and blast goodwin trying to force a fumble?
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Originally posted by 110001ERSFANLV:
Would or could we make any moves to get him next season? Or would it be worth it? Just asking.

He has more Interceptions in his last two games than Alex in 6 games. And yet fans hate Alex
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