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Cutler is about to hate life

Chilo will beat out Boone for the Prozbowl

That is all
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Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
if he maintains the starting spot when we facethe bears he will have to face Justin and Aldon Smith. LOL Cutler will die

Damn the revolving door is moving to the left side haha
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Chilo will beat out Boone for the Prozbowl

I want to share your drugs with you! Rip Jay
Watch him become a probowl guard now that he's on the left
Originally posted by bleeds9ersredandgold:
damn I feel bad for Jay... cruel and unusual punishment.

-not co-signed. F the bum.

Time for Cutler to prepare for his career after football.
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The Bears coaching staff must hate Cutler...they're probably giggling and saying, "nice knowing you Jay"!!!
Omg, Jay just went from the most sacked this year to the most sacked in the history of the NFL.

Who holds the record? Carr in Houston with like 66 sacks in a season?

Jesus. This is bad news bears!
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haha I stopped reading at the first mention of Chilo Rachal. Cutler will be begging for Spencer after the first qrt.
LOL. I love the thread title.
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Jay Cutler tells @WaddleandSilvy he shouldn't have bumped J'Marcus Webb but doesn't regret yelling at him »
Originally posted by susweel:
RIP Jake Cutler

Oh man. You gotta feel for any team that benched their starting left guard in favor of Chilo Rachal.
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