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stephen hill vs panthers

he looked very good tonite, i thjought
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Stats? video? more if you are starting a thread please Hofer
Originally posted by hofer36:
he looked very good tonite, i thjought

Did you not see that Sanchez pass that hit him right in the hands and then bounce up for an INT?

A lot of physical skill but not a natural pass catcher.
dropped some easy balls.
He looked turrible
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Haven't heard s**t about him..all I hear is that jets receivers suck
he looked like s**t
was fun to watch Tebow throw right at the DB's. lol
He could do Butter Fingers commercials.
Damn I was really wanting this guy too. Hope he plays better.

I forgot about this dude
Horrible thread. You offered nothing. Are we going to have a thread for every player vs every team...
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