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Giants fire back at Packers & 49ers trash talk

I wonder if Whitner talking is a good, bad, or irrelevant thing?

Personally I think he should save it for October 14th.
Ahmad Bradshaw fumble.

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Come on, everyone KNOWS the giants are the luckiest franchise in sports. They win not on their talent, but by teams handing them the game.

Missed field goal in superbowl
2 kickoff return drops handing them a playoff victory, even though Eli was totally shut down in 2nd half of the game.

The real giants were the ones that had their asses handed to them in the superbowl against the ravens.
Too much talking on all sides right now. Keep your head down and work. Gotta get better.
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f**k the giants
They the champs so they have the right to talk trash.
We literally handed the Giants the game. Can't wait to whoop their ass this year!
Originally posted by Eli_23:
Ahmad Bradshaw fumble.

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even a damn replacement ref would get that call right.
Their QBs will pay

They included the niners to get more hits... Even the giants players would have to admit that the packers and saints were by far the strongest and most complete teams heading into the playoffs. And if anything clay Mathews got confused and thought he was on the niners when he talked about giving the game away. Giants beat packers through a war of attrition in the trenches, the giants beat the niners through bonehead mistakes and gifts... If no one lined up as a punt returner during kw's mistakes, we win the game, if the refs call plays correctly we win the game... The giants in there hearts know that and that is why they only responded to clay Mathews. They've kept their mouths shut for the most part when it comes to talking about that niners game because they knew they won the lottery in terms of luck that day.

And whit didn't say anything about the giants, he just reiterated what we all knew... After the pack and saint were gone, the niners were the most feared team in the NFC and played a championship style of football... Except for the whole punt return part.
"were the two best teams in the playoffs and once they went down we felt like it was ours to lose, and we let it slip through our fingers,"

He called the Giants' play "dominating football"?
They didn't really "dominate" anybody. They were the most fortunate. Good fortune helps every Super Bowl winning team. It is a part of the game.
if tuck and osi are really upset over what whitner said, then they're over reacting because it's true and it's honestly not a big deal.....: the 49ers were favored, the 49ers were at home, the 49ers had won the regular season matchup, but the 49ers* were the ones that made mistakes in the NFCCG.

*and the referees
They included the 49ers but they didn't have anything to say really
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