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Owner of Browns selling the team.

Probably a good idea.
good for him
LA Browns?
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
LA Browns?

Then the city of Cleveland throws a fit and sues the NFL to get another team, The Cleveland Browns.
In June, Browns president Mike Holmgren reiterated the Browns were not for sale, responding to a rumor that Lerner had the team on the market.
"No, the Browns are not for sale," he said. "I talk to Randy all the time, and I assume he'd tell me. We have a very open, honest relationship. No, there's no truth to that."
THE La browns of cleveland.
In Harbaugh we trust.

Peace out Holmgren.
In case there is anyone in the world who hasn't seen this and the other one

didnt care lol
Cleveland gets F'd once again.
Originally posted by 99problems:
Cleveland gets F'd once again.

Eat da Browns
That's what Cleveland gets for stealing the Rock and Roll hall of fame
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