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Redskins new alternate Jersey

Is that an alternate kotex pad?
The helmets look kinda weird, but other than that it looks pretty good.
Originally posted by MrRedDogSF:
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
1994 throwbacks (based on 1955 unis) most likely, if ever. Or the 1962-63 ones with the silver helmets.

(Based on the team's past unis those two would be the best-looking "oldskool" templates, that aren't the familiar 1980s style[/url] )

I understand history, but seriously, anything blue and/or silver is blasphemous

meh...if we've learned anything from the recent throwbacks that have gone waaay back in teams' histories (packers, broncos, steelers and now redskins) a lot of times designs seem to makes no sense, are "ugly" or so drastically different. The early 60s silver helmets and shadowed numerals at least look decent and bearable and the Niners should still look classy looking
It's a throwback not an alternate...
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they look like a college teams uniforms
Originally posted by ImaMod:
they look like a college teams uniforms

My thoughts exactly.

Who passed this idea through? They're not hideous, but they could be way, way better.
Originally posted by Sjceruti:
It's a throwback not an alternate...

whatever nigha
Whatever works for them. Not bad, but not great either.
Way better than some other alternate/throwback jerseys we've seen in the past few years.
They're doing everything they can to copy Florida St.

hey there Florida St
it looks like those jerseys were design by somebody that hates the team.
Originally posted by DaFaro49ers:

I agree FSU all the way.
Off of a 'Skins message board.

up close pic of their helmet.

I dig them.
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