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I'm watching the Rams CLOSELY

I am not worried about anyone in the nfc west, not because we are a "weak" division. I agree teams are getting better, but in my opinion all of our division rivals are at least 2 years behind us. I don't think they can or will catch us either, because at the same time they are improving so are we. As long as the owners don't mettle or disrupt this strong foundation we have going our team will be hard to beat for years.
I'm not worried about the Rams next year, but I do think they are the team to watch out for beyond that. Fisher was always a good coach in TEN and got the most out of his roster, I expect him to do the same with STL. Luckily, we have Harbaugh and he's the best coach in the league so Fisher isn't as daunting of an adversary.

As long as the Cards have Kolb and that s**tty defense, they don't pose a threat. I don't care that they have Floyd and Fitz if they can't get them the ball.

As for the Hawks, I'm not sold on Flynn. They're solid on defense and have a good running game with beastmode back there but Flynn is a huge question mark.

Overall, the West will be better this year.
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
RG3 is gonna suck .

that's my prediction.

I have that suspicion as well. I'll route for him, as he seems like a good kid. Also, there's not really any bad blood between the niners and redskins.
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