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Top 100 Players of 2012

Originally posted by susweel:
Tebow and Jon khun made it, this list is a joke so far.

This. Not taking it seriously
Originally posted by susweel:
Tebow and Jon khun made it, this list is a joke so far.

Originally posted by marshniners24:
Originally posted by susweel:
1000x better

My bro

I wouldve thought marshawn lynch would be WAY higher. probably in the 50-60s. dudes a beast
Did the people voting/making list realize that there are 32 teams in the NFL, so on average it's the top 3 players on each team. And John Kuhn makes that list?
i think players love Tebow
Originally posted by lamontb:
i think players love Tebow

Not everyone evalutates "Top" the same way. The fact is, Tebow is a winner. Personally, I hate watching him at QB, but the dude produces.
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Tebow yes on the top 100. Kuhn hell no!
Tebow doesn't deserve a spot in an advertisement during this broadcast, much less make the list.
no order but the 7 are
Alex Smith... if Tebow's on the list Alex should be
Frank Gore.... better than all backs listed so far and is probably top 50
Justin Smith....Top 20 he was voted to 2 all pro positions.
Patrick Willis.... top 10 do i have to say anything
Dashon Goldson..... top 70 he finally lived up to how good he thinks he is
Carlos Rogers...... top 50 Pro Bowl Beast type year.....
Navorro Bowman...... top 50 the dude is a straight up STUD

Kuhn is a plain stupid selection,
Tebow is just lols
David Akers should be on the list IMO
Originally posted by jdt84_2:

i am sorry but i think he does belong on this list. what did that team do when he was not the starter?

If what the team did after he started was so important he'd still be there.
and of course theres gonna be some sort of comeback over my comment.but regardless,folks like us wont ever agree.thats the thing bout dude,u love em or u hate em.Ill leave that debate to Stephan A and Skip Baseless on First Take.
Originally posted by canadian49erfan:
Kuhn is a plain stupid selection,

You know that reminds me of last year,where V.Leach was on the list.Dude at the very least had in his favor that he blocked for A.Foster.Foster in turn has put up tremendous numbers because of Vontae's blocking.

Exactly what has Kuhns backs done???and to be perfectly honest,who are GB's backs???I couldnt name one off the top of my me,when I think of GB,i think of the passing offense they have.Jus sayin doe
Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by kronik:
Originally posted by susweel:
Tebow and Jon khun made it, this list is a joke so far.

Agreed %10000 - even tho it's voted by the players, it's STILL a popularity contest. If Tebow made it, I wonder if Alex made it. Even teh most harshest Alex haters would admit Alex is better than Tebow, right?

1000x better

Yep,if Tebows on there even at 100,our guy should be the past,I have to admit,I was hard on Alex.
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