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Sources: Saints' GM Could Eavesdrop

All I care about is that we better not lose to these cheatin f**ks
Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
I don't think it's fair to punish the Saints now for something that took place almost a decade ago. Ban the GM sure, but I don't think it would be fair to banish the organization.

I agree with this, I can't see the NFl banning the Saints doe
Another example of what a scumbag organisation New Orleans is. I hope the put the indefinite suspension Tag on Loomis to just like Greg Williams.
In the short term this is bad true or not. Long term its hella worse. The Saints loved their legacy and its a shame its so severly tainted now. ahhh makes me love my team even more. Bill Walsh the last in line of the great class coaches to make a class organization ala Landry etc. Now we got Harbaugh, man is it a great time to be a niner or what lol
LOL douchebags......guess this is why they dont lose at home
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Punish them by giving them Alex Smith.
West Ham 2 Leicester City 1 Final
Punish them by making them play in New Orleans!
Originally posted by Amir:
Punish them by giving them a picture of me.

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Got to say this whole allegation has a lot of question marks. If this is true and he was listening to the other teams sideline communication, how did he get the info to the team. Also how did he get it there quick enough for it to effect the play. This would take some type of system set in place to utilize this information, meaning, they would have to have either signals or code words that would allow the defense to set up for the play that has been deciphered.

That's asking a lot in the 20 seconds that would be available once the offensive play was called. Also how did they account for audibles. Was this used more on offense to know when a Blitz was coming or what type of coverage they were going against. This would make more sense, but the defensive also can audible or have dummy looks which may not be that easily translated by an outsider.

The whole issue looks to me like piling on to a team that is rightfully getting destroyed by fans and the media. Really not sure if there is any truth to it that really effected games played. Guess we will see as more information come out.

Who cares. Obviously they gained nothing from it and stopped doing it before they even became a good team.
Who cares? Are we supposed to let cheaters get away with cheating? If so then why have rules in the first place?
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
Wow what a fraudulent piece of s**t franchise
Punishment should be they have to hire Singletary as headcoach for ten years.
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