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Why do you watch football? Because I primarily like...

Why do you watch football? Because I primarily like...

To the point of the league trying to limit dangerous and big hits, and the very mention of possibly getting rid of the kick-off. IMHO, the league has lost site of the core reason why we watch the game -- COURAGE -- this goes for both males and females.

The league has tried to gain a wider audience by making the game more high scoring and reducing the "violence" of the game to appeal to more females.

BUT, the very reason that football has such a huge audience -- and is different than any other team sport -- is that we admire the players because we know it takes toughness and courage to play the game; to play a game that risks big hits and injury. To go on the field against other superb athletes, tough athletes, ready to physically challenge each other for dominance on every play. And players have to be able to carry out their assignments while under the duress of phyiscal fatigue and with the risk of taking a big hit.

At what point is the game so watered down that the risks of injury so minute that it no longer takes much courage to play? At that point, it is no longer football, its soccer with plays, its basketball. And the die-hard fans that make football so unique, and profitable, dies with it.
None of the above.

For me it's the ultimate team sport. If one of the 11 men miss an assignment on either side of the ball the opponent takes big advantage. Basketball one guy can control the game, hockey just look at how little scoring happens when a player is sent to the penalty box. Sure the can compete take one guy off the football field and things go to poop. Baseball a great pitcher can make an outfield useless. Sure everyone has a role to play but in football every player on the field has a direct impact on the result of the play.
men in tights
The Cheerleaders.

But seriously I can't believe how much sh&t the NFL are picking up for trying to limit player injury.
None of those, I just like the game because it's fun to watch.
I'll go with hitting and physical play plus the strategy of the game.
All of the above.
same reason i watch auto racing--for the crashes
The 49ers

I really enjoy a team outsmarting the other like what Bill Walsh used to do.

I also like the fact that it's just 2 days a week unlike baseball or basketball where there are so many games it becomes old hat. That's just me. my friends can watch those games every day as many times as they are played.

I prefer to get out and do something as opposed to sitting and watch someone else do something.

All of the above, but also because progression/success is represented very well visually. You can easily tell when a team has a really good defense or offense just watching how well each team gets closer to the opponent's end zone, or how well they keep the opponent away from their own. Each different type of player has unique stats that are an indicator of how well they are doing, and yards are a very easy to interpret stat as the football field is pretty much a giant ruler. Football has many elements to it and demonstrates each one of them excellently and that's why I love it.
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because its the greatest sport in America
I like it because you have to use your brain and brawn.
I think "toughness and technique" would be a better option. It's so interesting because it's the only sport that is the MOST physical, but at the same time is one of the most strategic and technical. It's like controlled chaos.

A hard-hitting, gang tackling, violent match of chess. I love it.
None of the above. I only watch football because of the 49ers. Wait thats a lie. I also like watching the Raiders getting smashed on,lol.
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