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Hypothetically if the 49ers decide not to bring Alex back, what teams would want him?

Just like the title says. What other teams do you think would want Alex, and how much would be command on the open market?
Seattle wanted him last year, I would assume they'd still have interest. Maybe the redskins or dolphins
So what do you think those teams would offer him?

Personally, I would think the Redskins or Dolphins would have minimal interest, and they would be looking to draft a QB.
Some team would bring him in to compete for a job but no team is gonna throw big money at him and guarantee him a starting job.
Alex will team up with T.O. with the Wranglers. J/K, I do think Alex will end up as a back up somewhere else, if he is not wearing the red and gold next year.

Maybe he goes to Denver, teams up with Tebow and creates the greatest 1-2 punch in the NFL?
seattle for sure

i see the jets going after him

also redskins shannahan has a great offensive mind also need a qb
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Originally posted by valrod33:
Seattle wanted him last year, I would assume they'd still have interest. Maybe the redskins or dolphins

i could see that. and id laugh my arse off if they took him and he tore it up with a real WR in sidney rice/mike williams, Best TE's they just got. beast mode lynch, and i guess baldwin

Ya. If Alex wants to start next year and get the most money he can it is with us. I can't see some other team throwing 4 - 5 years at 50 million at him. Someone may give him a longer deal contract with a s**t load of incentives and escalators (that he would never make in a million years) to try and lure him away but no way Alex falls for that. He knows his best shot at continuing to improve is here with Harbaugh.
The elite QB nobody wants, lol
Originally posted by susweel:
The elite QB nobody wants, lol

Who says nobody wants him? You? People on this forum?

Well I guess it must be true then.
I say Washington out of anyone. Maybe grab him and draft RGIII?
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He'd go to Seattle and haunt us for the next decade.
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