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Tom Brady Flops - I would spit in his face

Originally posted by TonyStarks:
NFL is getting more and more .....lame.

Old School NFLers in there prime and with the same workout equipment, would eat these fools alive.

This is why i don't care about all these records are being broken. These players nowaday would not last in the good old days.....and records would not be broken as easily as the way it is now.
One more thing....YES Brady is a pu$$y
I blame fantasy football.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
if he's trying to make the tackle, he's fair game.

LOL at him trying trotting around just getting in the way. Then gets up looking for flag after he gets pushed down. Say what you want about Alex but he would have tried to make the tackle.

Bill Romanowski ought to spit upon him, hidden in the bushes, from the gravelly road...the ricochet can also take out Belichick...

Originally posted by English:
Surely the one to blame here is the official who, you say, gave a penalty when he didn't see it? Every sportsman in the world tries to milk advantages.

Yes actually you are absolutely right, the person to blame IS the ref no doubt.

Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
If you are fuming over that, give up watching football immediately and never watch an NBA game again. You are going to stress yourself out...bigger crap in life than that bro.

Funny you say that, i stopped watching NBA after the Lakers/Kings game in 99 & never looked back since, I was actually loving the NBA lockout. But yes, if this Goodell error continues I will be tuning in to watch more & more of the UFC.

Originally posted by Bille:
is this the play?

Yes thats it, but they dont show the whole thing. Brady fell, the ref had his head turned the other way, then saw Brady on the floor & then decided to throw the flag.
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