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Jon Gruden-AJ Smith to Coach/GM STL Rams 2012

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On the MNF telecast Gruden felt out said that if he was running the Rams he'd draft Luck #1 overall if they had the pick and trade Sam Bradford.

shows how much he knows. NO ONE is going to trade for Bradford and his salary. Rams are stuck with him for awhile.


think before you speak Gruden.

Exactly. No one is taking on Bradford's salary. No one. What did he sign? 5 years at 75 million? Good luck.

Yea, but a lot of that is guaranteed money. His yearly salary is probably $8-9M a year.

Ok. Doesn't the gauranteed money still have to be eaten by the team that would trade for him? Or would that stick with the Rams?
Gruden would rather coach San Diego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also he wants complete control of the franchise , so remember that too.
Said on NFL network yesterday the rumor is false, the Gruden camp said he plans on being in the booth next year.
Rams want Fisher, He really likes San Diego
the rumor is 1/2 way there
Can't imagine Gruden going to St. Louis - he should be able to do better.
He won't take it.Too happy broadcasting. Same goes for Cower too.
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The word is Jeff Fisher.
I really dont think Gruden is gonna coach again anytime soon. I think he likes his comfortable gig doing mnf games.

how many titles did fisher win in Tenn? Im not worried about him coming toSTL he had much better teams there then he can ever imagine the Lambs becoming.
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