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Dolphins fire Tony Sparano

NFL Coaching - Who goes and who stays.

Del Rio - check
Haley - check
Sporano - check
Caldwell - not going to survive 0-16
Turner - he is gone even if they make playoffs ( which they wont)
Spagnola - i think makes it through end of season but could and should be gone

At least a 50-50 chance:
Reid - I think the Eagles need to win out for him to be save of his job.. even then he might be gone
Gailey - the Bills folded after a good start.. Not a sure thing but I think he goes

Dont be shocked but probably wont happen:
Morris.. TB seems to have given up. Never a good thing for a HC. I think he survives though
Shanahan - I would fire his old ass myself but he has a huge contract. He should survive
Frazier - firing coaches after 1 year is unusual but it could happen in Minnesota
Coughlin - if somehow the G-Men fold down the stretch and miss playoffs he would be in trouble. As of now.. he is safe
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i would let him drown his sorrows in my titties
Originally posted by luv49rs:
i would let him drown his sorrows in my titties

pm me some pics
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I hope Sparano gets another opportunity.
Should have hired Harbaugh....
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how did they do so well that 1st season? must have really been a fluke, I thought the team was set but personally the injury to Pennington was the end for them. I expect them to get some type of big name in the off-season
Originally posted by Negrodamus:
^ so wrong yet waaaaaaaaay too funy

Although I many are calling for Andy Reid's head, I wonder who Philly fans would want that is actually better? Gailey, Morris, and Frazier should be given another year. In the case of the Bills, they had that surprising start, but also have had a ton of injuries. Fitzpatrick's play declining after signing that contract hasn't helped either. What has happened in Tampa is a head scratcher. Can't call it. The Minnesota Vikings opened their season with Donovan McNabb as their starting QB. Frazier deserves a mulligan for that alone.
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