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Ray Lewis out 1-4 games

Hope he plays
If this is true, expect to see him Thursday...

Looks like he is planning on playing. Schefter just reported it. I don't mind it at all if he plays.
Step on his toes
we should go right at him and test him
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
should've been a Niner in '96...

1995 - To get JJ Stokes with the #10 pick, Niners trade up with then Cleveland Browns (via Atlanta) in exchange for the 49ers 1996 1st round pick. (John Taylor was on the verge of retiring, and the Niners wanted a "stud" wideout to groom in JT's last year).

1996 - After already selecting Jonathan Ogden with their own 1st round pick, the newly renamed Baltimore Ravens (moved from Cleveland after '95) use a second 1st round pick obtained from the Niners the year before (#26 overall) to select RAY LEWIS out of Miami. The only standout player the Niners would draft in '96? Terrell Owens, another basically the Stokes deal turned out bad for the Niners, great for the Ravens.

Carmen Policy and Dwight Clark, you both deserve a

Ray Lewis was overlooked by alot of nfl teams. I think 3 linebackers were picked ahead of him in that draft, and Ken Norton was a beast im sure we would of picked someone else anyways
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