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What is your favorite NFL pregame show?

What is your favorite NFL pregame show?

NFL Network.
anyone remember the local 49ers pregame on KTVU from the mid-90's...Mark Ibanez co-hosted by Ricky Watters (then it was Ken Norton Jr, last Jeremy Newberry IIRC)????

barbieri & mike silver killed it in the end
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It use to be Fox because they joked around and CBS was too serious but that crap got old. Now they constantly joke around. CBS has loosened up and if I had to choose I would pick them but the problem is they do the AFC and a lot of it is irrelevant to the 9ers... Anyways, I prefer JB over Curt Menefee by far. Terry Bradshaw is a bone head and why they continue to let him do halftime highlights when he spits and spudders and calls people the wrong names and makes mistakes constantly is beyond me. I don't like any of Fox. Sick of NFLN with Deion especially and Irvin... Faulk isn't much better. ESPN is ok... I like Tom Jackson... sick of Ditka, Keyshawn and Carter.

I don't watch any of them to be honest. I use to love them as a kid because I didn't have the internet and it was all the football I got all week. Now that I can follow it online 24/7 I don't need "experts" spewing garbage at me. I will form my own opinion... I have watched the NFL long enough. P.S. One problem I think is that most of them try to be funny and cute... it's for the casual fan as most of it is cookie cutter stuff. None break into too much depth which is why I would take playbook over any of them even though I don't like Theisman.
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Terry, Howie, Michael, Curt and Jimmy ...Plus throw in some Frank Caliendo and we have a fun pre-game show

But my alltime favorite team was the old CBS team from the 70's of Brent, Jimmy the Greek, Irv Cross and the STUNNING "Jane Kennedy"
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