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OFFICIAL Blaine Gabbert Thread

Blaine Gabbert = young Alex smiff
Originally posted by jrg:
Step 1: Bring in Jim Harbaugh. CHECK

Step 2: Draft Blaine Gabbert and start him at QB.

Step 3: Profit

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Originally posted by jrg:
We need a NEW #11 on the roster! Draft Blaine Gabbert!

Anybody with me at all? #7 overall Blaine Gabbert?

Blaine Gabbert Declares For The 2011 NFL Draft: 5 Reasons You'll love him
1. Experience

Blaine Gabbert has two full seasons of experience at Mizzou under his belt, a time frame in which he collected 18 victories for a Tiger team that was not all of that great throughout his career as a starter. Gabbert came to his home state University despite being one of the most highly sought after recruits in the country, and earned playing time right away. Prospects with Gabbert's level of experience are always hot commodities on draft day.

2. Toughness

Blaine Gabbert is no stranger to injury. Missouri's signal caller has played through a number of injuries throughout his career, including a severely sprained ankle suffered at the hands of Ndamukong Suh. Gabbert also battled a rib injury this season. He is as tough as nails and willing to take a hit in the pocket.

3. Gabbert Has All of the Tools (Arm Strength, Accuracy, Size Etc)

There is no debate that Blaine Gabbert has all of the tools necessary to be an NFL quarterback . He has a lazer arm, adequate accuracy, and great height and bulk for an NFL prospect a 6'5'' 235 pounds. Gabbert is athletic and makes smart decisions with the football (for the most part). His production has not always matched his elite physical tools, but he has the make up of a franchise quarterback.

4. Intangibles (Leadership, Confidence, Work Ethic, Intelligence)

In addition to his impressive physical measurables, Blaine Gabbert possesses a lot of the intangibles necessary to find success in the NFL. Gabbert played his best football in Mizzou's most important games. He led them to victories over Texas A&M and Oklahoma, and performed admirably in the Insight Bowl until that one misguided throw that led to Iowa's game winning touchdown. Gabbert relishes the spotlight and excels in clutch situations.

5. Someone Will Fall in Love with Him

We see it every year; A junior quarterback declares early and picks up steam throughout the combine and interview process becoming a first round pick in the process. Gabbert could be that guy in the 2011 NFL Draft. Blaine Gabbert will deliver eye popping results at both his combine workouts and his pro day, and I suspect he will knock the interviews out of the park with his high football I.Q. and charismatic personality.

I find it hard to believe that Blaine Gabbert would forego his senior season for his hometown team unless he had reason to believe he would be drafted in one of the first couple rounds. ESPN reports that some scouts have given him a first round grade. Gene Smith, the general manager for the Jacksonville Jaguars, personally attended the Insight Bowl, and there is reason to believe Gabbert was on his list of targets.

Blaine Gabbert could here his name called on day one of the 2011 NFL Draft if his stock continues to pick up steam.


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