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Matt Flynn

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And how dumb is Jordy Nelson, signs a 3 year 15 million contract extension with only 5 million in guarantees. He could of doubled that this off season.
Originally posted by lazy:

two garbage defenses

enough said.
The packers just have great coaching and a system. Flynn isn't bad either give him credit
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They have been in the same offense for the last 4 years plus. That makes a huge difference. Dont get to excited over Flynn
I guess this means we need to re-sign TO
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
i really miss morgan

this offseaosn we need to get 1 outside WR

crabs morgan and williams is a solid core

I agree with everyone who says that this team is lacking a true #1 guy. Then again, those guys are far and few between but if the 49ers had a guy that the defense really had to focus on and worry about, that would open up the gameplan for everyone, defenses couldn't focus as much on Crabtree or Davis, they couldn't stack the line and go after the running game....etc...etc

Great receivers can make a quarterback look far better. I'm sure people will be yelling their heads off about Flynn and how "WE NEED TO TRADE FOR HIM", but Flynn is basically Kevin Kolb with a great crew of receivers and good playcalling. Alex Smith could put up even better numbers with a better receiving corps, thinking about how many points were left on the field this year due to drops makes me feel dizzy.
I agree bro, better wr's, wr's with speed. 6 tds in like his 3rd ever start. thats fing incredible.. And im surprised nobody has compared him to alex smith yet.
Maybe Flynn is just really good.

Originally posted by susweel:
Maybe Flynn is just really good.

He's not THAT good.
Originally posted by MarkD:
They have been in the same offense for the last 4 years plus. That makes a huge difference. Dont get to excited over Flynn

My point is the opposite. I really don't think Flynn is anything special, but their receivers are amazing. If the 49ers could get that same level of play from their receivers, Smith could put up 300+ yards a game without a problem. Alex deserves criticism, but bottom-line is he's played with one of the s**ttiest receiving corps in football for most of his time here.
This game has just been crazy and it is not over yet.....
Well now it is
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damn f**king lions, driving down the field already. They are at gb 30. about to score again.
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