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Says the internet thug that's going to run out of the stands and beat up a 6' 4", 265 lb beast.

how is that e-thugging? He was speaking in terms of defense of Children. Most Men I know who sport 2 balls will attack any mutha who casually endangers their kids. And he also admitted he would get his ass kicked, but not before he got his lick in.
I would expect no less from any Father out there. That was a punk move on Jacobs part.

But what was the deal with what happened with the guy who caught it? What gave them the right to go snatch it back from him??

NO he didn't. But I think it's funny how someone thinks they could jump off the stands through the big securities and go rampage jackson on brandon jacobs. I would love to see it though


I'm pretty sure that even though it would mean a certain ass-beating and all kinds of legal trouble

It could just be me, but I interpret that as he fully expects to lose the fight and be prosecuted.

And overall the spirit was "IF HIS CHILD WAS STRUCK"

But it is very telling how many dudes would evidently just tell their assaulted child..."Hey don't look at me, dudes like 6-4...plus you see all the security around this place!"

I just did not think it was e-thugging at all. Now if you wanted to argue the chances are slim he would have struck a child I would tend to agree, but the OP's whole statement was based on an IF

yea, it's not about being scared, it's just that there is no way you would make it to brandon jacobs through all the security. I'd be rooting for whoever would attack Brandon Jacobs, but that would be irresponsible IMO. It'd be dumb to end up in jail while your kid was in the hospital (if it were that serious)