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Seattle looked like a different team.

Their defense played lights out, preseason or not. They were fast, strong and aggressive, far from anything I've seen in the last few years from them. But there is no doubt in my mind adding Vickerson from the Titans is going to make a world of difference for them this year. Holly smokes could that guy move bodies! It will also be interesting to see if Whitehurst can take Matt's job at some point this season. Whitehurst was sharp and accurate, minus one interception which very could have been the result of him and the WR being off base (it appeared the WR broke the opposite way Whitehurst was expecting him to). I think Seattle will impress this season and finish second in the division.

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Yeah these guys were f**king beasts...

against Tennessee's 2nd stringers
Still though... Should we be worried?
Originally posted by defenderDX:
Still though... Should we be worried?

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Pre-Season = 4-0
points for - 80pts
points against - 32pts

The Lions had the best defense of the 2008 pre season... oh and the Patriots went 0-4 and gave up 89 pts


Regular season = 0-16
points for - 268
points against - 517

The Lions gave up more points than other team in the NFL


there is no possible way to predict Seattles upcoming season based on their pre-season performance. this is a stupid thread.... Based on their coaching/personnel I expect them to win about 6 games give or take 1.
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Bad teams almost always do well in the preseason. They care more and have more position battles so starters are played longer than good teams.

Soon as we drop 21 on them in the first quarter of the season opener, their spirit will be broken not only for the rest of the game, but the rest of the season.

I wouldn't worry too much about the Seachickens.
Hasselbeck looked like s**t,and there 1ST STRING Defense got eaten alive.Who cares what there backups did.... Same ole sorry ass Seahawks

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Holy crap. That's their 8th straight preseason win.

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