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NFL positional player rankings

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Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Originally posted by KRS-1:
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Originally posted by KRS-1:
Crabtree @ 19 ?

And ahead of Santonio Holmes ?

Let me know how you feel about that in December

Holmes will be playing in at least 4 less games and also has 2 other solid receivers whom will cut into his pass attempts so Crabtree better have better production in December. However production can be overrated as well.

So these rankings must be totally based off of upside whilst barely accounting for said players play from last year.

Both. Crabtree closed real well last season and I think he will only get better while the Steelers could not wait to get rid of Holmes. Simply put, I think Crabtree will be a better NFL WR than Holmes this year and beyond.

Holmes finished stronger than Crabtree did, and while I agree that Crabtree will likely have the better overall career with upside taken into account (and last years production and play) Holmes still ranks above Crabtree.

The Steelers wanted to rid of Holmes due to the legal trouble so that point is moot.
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Originally posted by lamontb:
How is Ray Lewis all the way down at number 10? and more puzzling is how is Urlacher that high? London Fletcher should be moved up aswell. And having Franklin over Hampton is crazy. I would probably move Justin Smith up a bit. Overall looks pretty good.

He is still a great leader and good vs the run but he is a major liability in pass coverage now and is even attacked by opposing teams as before teams stayed away from him. Casey Hampton is on the downside of his career, IMO

Major liability in pass coverage where did you get that idea from? No doubt Ray lost a step, but your reasoning makes no sense when all the guys in front of him aren't great in coverage either. And if he was a major liability how can the Ravens be 8th in passing defense with nothing but no named unproven corner backs? Hampton had better numbers than Franklin last year. I think Hampton is in the downside of his career, but he's done it consistently over the past 5/6 years. Franklin had one good season during a contract year isn't enough for me to rank him higher than Hampton.
Added coaching and coordinator rankings-
Romo below Eli?
Originally posted by Homo4Romo:
Romo below Eli?

Yea I'd take Romo over Matt Ryan and Eli any day
how is wes welker over Reggie wayne?
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