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Tom Brady...a 49er in 2011?

I don't think that there will be any football next year, but Tom did buy a house in SoCal though
The Pats haven't done anything to indicate that they're that stupid.
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Originally posted by ads_2006:

Maybe not a Patriot

Pot Smoking Michael Silver says there is a growing disconnect between the Pats and Brady.. Brady is in a contract year and has not had any solid negotiations
WTF would we want some has-been QB who couldn't win in their last SB?! Wasn't he named SB MVP in "only" two of three SB that they did win? What a loser! I'd skip on him and bank on David Carr to be our savior, then cut Smith and Davis because we won't need any back ups when Carr takes over.
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sweet, he can backup Peyton
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
I don't think that there will be any football next year, but Tom did buy a house in SoCal though

You may be right about no football next year but I can still hope. It's ridiculous that this is even an option. C'mon Goodell!

And Tom Brady... Highly unlikely that the Patriots without a Steve Young quality backup would let a sure fire HOF leave. But could you say SB favorites if it happened!
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I was just thinking the same thing what if & i know its a good possibility that Smith could faulter
the team will either draft a QB high in the draft next season or bring in a big time free agent QB.................With Brady having issues with New England he is probably using that to get out of town & maybe wanting to finish his career with the team he grew up watching (49ers) it makes perfect sense maybe he senses also that the only missing piece to the niners offense is a QB

if it came down to Smith & Brady come next year you know who i would take

without sarcasm

come home

You all called me crazy......

Originally posted by BigDaddy:
Call me crazy, but I think we would have an easier time getting Brady. He does live in Cali and watching ESPN this morning they talked about him wanting to spend more time training at home, than with the Pats. Maybe we could work out a trade.

I'd rather have Jeff Saturday and the Colt's oline coach.
If Alex Smith doesn't do well then hell yeah. It's a perfect situation because if he does well then we'll resign him, if he doesn't then we'll let him go. Tom Brady's gonna be a free agent, welcome to San Fran.
I don't see anyway in the world that the Patriots let Brady walk. Unless he tears another ACL or says Fck you to Belicheck.
That team is going down a dumpster real fast, it has no leadership what-so-ever (they'll make the playoffs, but they'll never see another SB).

Randy Moss is pretty much rogue when the cards are out of his favor, the youth on that team doesn't respect Belichick, and most of 'em don't even see Brady as a credible leader. (Not to mention Brady has been taking s**t wages for most of the decade to help the team's cap balance.)
Most-likely won't happen but I will say this, Brady will be 33 this season. Belichick is much like Walsh in that he will get rid of players a year too soon rather than a year too late. If Brady has lost a step because of the knee or just age, the patriots might just let someone else break the bank on him.
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