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His delivery still needs some work (though it has gotten better through the years) but dude knows his stuff, he is much better than Charles Davis and like him and Mayock breaking it down though Mayock is on his nuts a little to much.

Mayock and him sounded like two guys that just wanted to go off into a private room and talk about some obscure player from William & Mary.

Given that Chavous was a good player at a high level AND applying that knowledge to scouting, he makes other ex-player analysts (looking your ways Steve Young, Michael Irvin, and Deion Sanders) look like they belong in the UFL of broadcasting. I mean, seriously, Steve Young, did he do any preparation for the draft?

I'm not sure why or how Steve still has a job in tv to be honest. Chavous was the highlight of both channels in what I thought was a lame job by both networks. Though to be fair Young, Sanders, Irvin aren't paid to breakdown drafts for the most part but to give colo commentary.

Your def right lamontb, they put Sanders, Irvin, and Young on the Draft coverage b/c they're big names, but clearly they're not talent evaluators. Chavous isn't a big name (unless you watch everything football other than your team, then you'd know how much of a bad man he was at safety, though his coverage skills could've been better, especially in Minnesota ) and clearly needs to work on his speech delivery b/c he schooled all the supposed "Draft experts", especially Maycock, but no one prolly took him seriously b/c of his voice.

and to PatrickJira, Maycock was on Chavous' nuts b/c Chavous clearly had him beat in the analysis of these players, so he tried to play it off like he and Chavous prepared together on it, just like a high school kid who forgot to do his science project so he tags up with the smart kid in the class so he can pass