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pft says Reid wants to send McNabb somewhere where he will be happy so Redskins could make sense

lol that's a new one...."we want to send him somewhere where he'll be happy."

"[The] team is trying to trade him someplace he'll be happy," Glazer writes. "Have offers but Andy is trying to do him right."

I'm not disputing that they said it.....just think it's kinda funny. I guess the Raiders are out of the mix now.

They must not think much of him if they would send him somewhere where they would face him twice a year.

well mcnabb has a no trade clause so he has to be happy if he wants the deal to go through

I thought he didn't.

He doesn't, but there's no way a team would trade for him knowing he wouldn't sign an extension with them, well except for the Raiders maybe

o lol my bad then i thought he did
personally i think hes going to end up on the redskins despite its going to be in side the division trade