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Shawn Andrews Thread

Andrews was just cut by the eagles this morning...
he spent all of last year on IR, but previously had 2 pro bowls.
and he is also still young. this would be a great sign. opinions?
Did they get to the bottom of that depression thing?
He's gonna have same issues as pitts. Won't be able to pass a physical till mid may .
But hey if the injury doesn't phase him then he's better than what we have
Andrews mysteriously departed the Eagles at the end of June 2008. Later he failed to report to training camp at Lehigh University, without notice and without being excused. He cited unexplained "personal issues" in various text messages with reporters.

In a newspaper article released on August 4, 2008, Andrews claimed he was suffering from depression and was seeking professional help.[4] Andrews started in the first 2 games of the season, but he left in the second game with a back injury. The Eagles did not put him on injured reserve, but the injury caused him to miss the rest of the 2008 season.[5]

Andrews had surgery in the 2009 offseason, but he re-injured his back at the start of training camp, which caused him to miss the entire preseason and the first week of the 2009 season before he was placed on the injured reserve list on September 15, 2009.
This dude got physical and mental problems No way
wow, i was not aware of all those personal issues...
but honestly i think we could still use him. evryone deserves a chance to bounce back
Back injuries, missed the last 2 years? Has personal problems? Sign him up! 5 years 50 milllion ought to do it.
i hope we get him sing can definitely coach him up and get him ready for a season
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Originally posted by lamontb:
This dude got physical and mental problems No way
sounds like a younger marvel smith. i'd give it a shot

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Originally posted by TX9R:
Originally posted by lamontb:
This dude got physical and mental problems No way
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