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Ed Reed to Retire?

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Now this is a shock, wtf ? Ed Reed is the f**kin man, I would be surprised to see him retire this offseason. He's the best free safety I've ever seen play the game.

I hope that's because you're too young to have seen Hanks and Lott play.

I consider Lott a strong safety. He was nowhere near the ballhawk Ed Reed is.

And yes Reed >>> Hanks

you remember seeing Lott and Hanks play?

what were you about 6-7 when Hanks retired, 3 when Lott did?

I remember watching Hanks play a little. I watched a lot of games in the past from old VHS tapes my grandma recorded and gave to me.

I can haz tapes?

I think he's just frustrated about losing and sore at the moment but I would be surprised if he actually retired.
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