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Week 10 Games Thread

Originally posted by 49erWill:
LT looking good in SD today

Yeah, just scored again.
Rodgers is capable of running, but Willis would just knock him the f**k out
we probably wont get any sacks vs the packers

Another good day for Jamarcus he is above his average today on passing accuracy he is now 38.6 his usual level is around 33 percent. Jamarcus is beasting against the chiefs. haha.
Originally posted by ads_2006:
we probably wont get any sacks vs the packers

just like the colts game
Cool, Romo choked. Now switch the game already.
f**king first and goal on the 1 and the dumbass Seaf*gs can't punch it in???

Packers somehow shut down the Cowboys
and Arizona scored.
f**k f**king motherf**ker!!!!

good job seaf*gs

Is Vincent Jackson hurt? He hasn't made a catch.
these cards arent losing anytime soon, we screwed ourselves in the 1st place with that dumb ass 4 gm losing streak
This packers game is so boooooooooring. Argh, I want to see the Arizona game so badly! Our season depends on it.
Greenbay getting an Extra challenge?



stupid refs (almost giving greenbay another challenge)

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