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Trade for Kevin Kolb bandwagon

Originally posted by Snider8706:
That trade and the contract they gave kolb will set them back for a while.

Good news for us
Originally posted by okdkid:
Kevin Kolb has always been a below average quarterback. Whisenhunt will be fired as a result.


And Andy Reid will be his replacement as the savior because he was the coach that drafted Kolb and can get the best out of him, if Whisenhunt can't.
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Although I'm LOL at the Kolb trade and overpaid contract, I really wish Leinart was still their QB. I'd love to defeat him twice a year as the Niners win the division.
So is this Bandwagon still rollin?
Man, I'm real happy we didn't do this one.
Originally posted by excelsior:
I did a little research by looking at an Eagle fan forum. The general impression I came away with is that many fans are in favor of PHIL trading Kolb because they have not been impressed by him. One fan suggested that they pick up Alex Smith because he thought he showed a lot of talent when he played the Eagles earlier this year and thought Reid could really develop him.

Was this fan Harbaugh?
Originally posted by modninerfan:
Lol you guys are funny

Smith - 4/1

  • 965 Yards
  • 65.9% Completed
  • 6.7 Average
  • 7 Touchdowns
  • 1 Interception
  • 1 Fumbles lost

  • 104.1 QBR

Smith's average per attempt is 7.7, not 6.7.
Originally posted by darkknight49:
as the bandwagon rolls by.

now i'm as the bandwagon burns in the ditch.
Kevin Kolb......LMAO

Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by backontop:
I'm on the save our draft picks for the draft and not on Kolb the most overrated QB in the NFL bandwagon.

still this
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Originally posted by Kolohe:
Yah I'm all for trading for him just not with a 1st round pick, 3rd round is fine.

Not even worth a third.

Poor Cardinals got raped.

the media is the one who hyped this guy to be a living legend...
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
the media is the one who hyped this guy to be a living legend...

because he played in Philly
This thread is hilarious, was hilarious when it started and was predictable in its conclusion.
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