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Matt Schaub

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Yes he is but Johnson makes every qb there better than he is. I would like to see if Shaub could even last 1 or 2 games on our team. Good QB but great players AROUND him (johnson, daniels, Slaton)

Schaub was making Atlanta's offense look good and they didn't have a type of true #1 WR. like Johnson......actually that is the reason Houston traded for him, because of his play in Atlanta.

Falcons lucked out BIG TIME...being able to let a QB like Schaub go like that....then have Vick struggle and then get sent to jail....then they draft a QB that ends up playing like a stud.

That isn't luck it's called good management and good drafting.

They wouldn't have drafted Ryan if Vick was still there, that is why it was luck.

yeah that is what I meant....for Vick to get in trouble with the law at that right time, worked out PERFECT or it would seem.

I'm a Vick fan, but...having him on the team cause them to let a better performing QB in Schuab go.....big mistake in trading him....but it worked....

but yes it was GREAT Management and Drafting on their part.
Schaub is a very intelligent QB, we have to be smart when dealing with him, we have to find a balance of when to blitz the hell out of him and when to keep more defenders back in coverage....but we MUST take Andre Johnson away from him, make others beat us...
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