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POLL: Singletary's Worst Mistake As Head Coach

POLL: Singletary's Worst Mistake As Head Coach

No no particular order these ones.

1) Jimmy Raye.

2) Rossum release - last year was a good year for him. He can still play. He was ok this year in very limited opportunites.

3) What the heck is going on with the O Line? That falls on the coach when 4 / 5 linemen can't block.

4) Terrible timeout and clock management. You don't call a precious timeout in the middle of the game to have a PEP RALLY... That cost us later in the game when Delanie fumbled but it was caused by the ground if you still had a review challenge left.

* As a motivator 10/10.

* Personnel decisions 6/10. There are some question marks there IMO on who to start, who to bench and who to let go and who to aquire in FA etc.

* Game day decisions and clock mangement 4/10. Very poor IMO and overrated because he is Singletary and people are just so over joyed to have a coach who actually gives them hope. His game day coaching that I have seen so far is in the bottom 25% of the league. Not Super Bowl worthy for sure. He will have to tighten that up if we are ever going anywhere.

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Originally posted by valrod33:
not trading for Tom Brady

Originally posted by dj43:
No real huge mistakes so far. Some game time decisions are always a source of second-guessing.

A huge mistake would have been to have handled Vernon Davis the way Mike Nolan handled Alex Smith...and I am still not a big Davis fan although I admit he has surprised me with his composure this year.

I don't like Raye at all but I don't really know what the viable options were so I'm not going to blame MS for that. Right now the offense is not limited by design, it is limited by the talent of the players. I can't blame that on the HC.

So I'm saying; no "worst" mistakes so I didn't vote.

I agree with this.

The only possible big mistake may have been letting Martz go. They seemed to find a harmonious balance last year. Then again, there may have been behind-the-scene pressures that would have made it impossible to work together.

Other than that, all the personnel moves that we fans might find questionable--not playing JHill more, letting Sheets go, etc--is impossible to judge when we're not seeing the team every day.
I was going to vote for the Ray hiring, but the problem is, Singletary got exactly what he WANTED.

So its hard to say Singletary made a "mistake" by hiring Ray, because Ray is everything Singletary wanted and more.

We run, run, 3rd n' long, punt.

Its easy to criticize Ray of course, and I have, but ultimately, this is the guy Singletary wanted and he is fulfilling his "vision."
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Not winning the Superbowl.
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