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Ochocinco planted Bengals fans for leap.

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Lol, thats pretty cool honestly.,191579
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I was watching that game when he did that

Packer fan with the bird was great
He's a nutcase...but he's still awesome. Dude is really creative.
Chad is awesome. I forgot where I read it, but someone had a point that Chad gets flack for his antics, but the difference between Chad and other diva WR's is that Chad does all of his stuff in fun, without any animosity towards anyone. I watched some of HBO's Hard Knocks series, and Chad actually seems like a very likeable guy.

That youtube of Ochocinco vs. Skip Bayless also helped convince me that Chad is not the bad guy that they make him out to be.
I like Chad atleast he will help his team get w's unlike craptree.
Sure he can be an @ss, but he's a likeable one. You just have to take him for what he is, which isn't so hard because he's never putting anyone down in the process. Honestly, he makes me laugh, and laughs are always appreciated.
That's was awesome.

Those Bengal fans deserve some credit too
Chad > T.O, Plaxico, Marshal , Moss ( his early years) , Steve Smith
in terms of attitude . He does thing to entertain and not plain out cockyness . I'd take him out of any of those despite not being the most talented
its kind of hard to hate on Chad he may not be the classiest player or atleast I have not seen him portray it yet he always gives a good show. His showmanship is by far the best in the NFL
that is awesome!

The problem with Ochocinco is his showmanship doesn't match his abilities so it becomes a distraction to the rest of the team. I don't think he's a bad guy I also don't think he's an elite receiver.
Fox deserves some credit.

That dude throwing up the middle finger lasted a good 45 seconds on live t.v.
lol i like this dude more n more everytime he does crazy s**t like this
That is awesome. And for it to work out according to plan makes it that much better. If he had scored in the other endzone, do you think he had planted fans there as well?
Chad is fast becoming my favorite non-49er player. Everything this guy does is out of fun and not of malice.
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