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Chan Gailey gone!

...and we wanted him, too.

You just never know...
Just for ninertalk, sign him.
I wish he was available back in January and we hired him over Raye
Chiefs are gonna be bad
wow. Bold move?

Doesn't matter either way, cause the Chief's look terrible.

The future doesn't look bright for the Chiefs.
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Well their HC ran a pass heavy offense in Arizona. Chan Gailey was more run oriented.

The move makes sense, but about 6 months too late.
My brother is a Chiefs fan and I'm talking trash constantly about Cassel going down and now this it's gonna be a long season for the Chiefs.
Both Arizona and KC have their headcoaches calling the offense now.

Originally posted by susweel:
Chiefs are gonna be bad

It's never easy going from OC to HC/OC.
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