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The Official Las Vegas Raiders Thread

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hahahahaha getting destroyed right now by the saints
lol meachem
Wow I hope we're not embarrassed like that, even if it is preseason.
NO 19 1st downs, Oakland 3. Holy crap.
i'll never root for the raiders, but i like Louis Murphy a lot coming from his days at florida, so i will probably root for him...obviously last week he was pissing me off

i hate when players i like play us, its even harder in fantasy, i purposely try to pick guys who we dont play in that particular season
0-38 lol

what is the most ever scored by a single team in the pre season? and the largest margin of victory? jesus..
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Originally posted by King49er:
0-38 lol

LOL, I Just caught the score, and it'ts now 45-0. I didn't want to laugh too hard because we only beat them by 1 point, and they're getting slaughtered by another NFC squad. Fortunately we don't play the Saints because they look incredible. So do the Packers. We better come to play, because there are some good looking teams in the NFC. Hopefully we can kick the snot out of the Cow patties tonight and make an early statement.

Go Red N Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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saints have over 200 rushing yards, guess the raiders really are that bad

Originally posted by teeohh:
saints have over 200 rushing yards, guess the raiders really are that bad

Well the Raiders beat the Cowboys.

Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Well the Raiders beat the Cowboys.


This is true.

I would love to see Mr. Romo meet Mr. Willis tonight.
45-7 makes me feel good inside...even if its pre-season
Terrell Sands got cut. lol. Didn't they give him like a 50 million dollar contract a year ago.
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