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watchin the cowboys n giants on nfl network

this game was played in january of 94. It says that this game is a week 18 game. How was it possible to be week 18? It wasnt a playoff game.
Well, you got me curious so I looked up the 49ers' schedule for the 1993 season. Apparently we had 2 bye weeks? We had a game on 10/3 and the the next game was 10/17. Then we had a game on 10/31 followed by our next game on 11/14. Two gaps there. So maybe 18 weeks?
Yeah, they tried 2 bye weeks for a season or two before going back to the one. That kinda sucked, drug the regular season out and you had TWO weeks without a game worth watching.
why the f**k is this thread bumped?
Originally posted by Conejo:
why the f**k is this thread bumped?

lol this coulda been the most randomest bumped thread i have ever seen in the history of the webzone
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