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Dante Pettis, WR, Washington

I was watching some college highlights earlier today, and a Pettis touchdown came up. I thought to myself, "Damn, Pettis is such a sweet route runner." Then it dawned on me: Why the hell aren't we talking about this guy more? He's got some of the best route running in the draft. Tremendous attention to detail there. Great hands. Tracks the ball exceptionally well and has outstanding body control. Vertical looks like it's going to be good because he consistently out jumps dudes to high-point the ball. Killer PR. He's got sneaky twitch and good speed to take it to the house. We're so caught up on the flashy guys or the sexy measurables that we often gloss over the guys who are flat-out good football players.

6'1" 200 lbs

Welcome to the Pettis hive.

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Related to Austin?
I honestly think we should do a podcast. This was the first receiver I mocked to us for this year back in may. Can absolutely take over for Garcon in a few years.
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Couldn't agree more, one of the few receievers in this draft that excites me as a prospect. Like hero said, he's just a flat out good ball player. Miss me with the "high ceiling" intangible type guys that can't run a clean route, I'm more interested in the guys that do all of the little things well so that their athletic potential is fully realized on the field, and Pettis is no slouch athletically by any means.

I love the fact that Pettis high points the ball, runs good tight routes, and is a stellar return man (points to alotta good Yac potential especially in kyles O) This dude is on my wish list

One of the concerns I've read about him is that he hasn't been a very consistent run blocker, does anyone have a take on his blocking ability/effort?
Glad we've got more Pettis fans. So much to like about Pettis. His long speed is deceptive to the eye because he's got those long legs+long strides like Kap. He puts a lot of effort into his routes. Love it.

I LOVE his foot fire technique. He smokes dudes with it, especially when he uses it on double moves.

Another nasty double move.

His great releases+long arms+good vertical+high point ability make him a great weapon in the red zone. Plays bigger than 6'1".

Foot fire+power skip to cross over the DB.

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Can't wait to watch him at the combine, he's a big play waiting to happen..would be sweet if the niners drafted him and he s**t all over the Seahawks considering he went to UW..
Were gonna get him in the 5th... Watch
Me likey, I don't get to watch much West Coast as they're on so late, but looking forward to Bowl season. I like the high pointing and contested catches, it's what I'd like to see a lot more of from Ridley.

Got to have more than one way to win, my preferred are footwork and body control
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Sounds like a Pete Carroll type of player.

Originally posted by SmokeCrabtrees:
Were gonna get him in the 5th... Watch

He's a 3rd rounder minimum. His only down side is his hair. If he cuts that, skies the limit (his hair is so ugly)
Nooooo, he's gotta keep the hair. I like it. It's part of his swagger. Reminds me of TJ Houshmandzadeh out there.
Originally posted by adrianlesnar:
Originally posted by SmokeCrabtrees:
Were gonna get him in the 5th... Watch

He's a 3rd rounder minimum. His only down side is his hair. If he cuts that, skies the limit (his hair is so ugly)

He suffered from poor QB play and a run-first offense. I think he'll be a better pro than college player. At the very least, he can be a dangerous punt returner.

Also, if Myles Gaskin declares he could be worth a late round pick.
This guy must've been hurt tonight. Or...he needs to go back into the oven...not ready yet
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