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George Kittle, TE Iowa

Iowa is a typical pro style offense who sets up the pass with the run but will throw it on run downs using play action, or on pass downs using 3 WR. Our typical sets are 21 (two RB, 1 TE), 12 (1 RB, 2 TE) and 22 / ACE (2 TE, 2 RB) but we did run some 3 WR and some TE split out on passing downs.

We TRIED to pass more than people are implying in this thread, but the combination of having our top 2 receivers hurt (WR out for year; Kittle hurt and came back but was never 100% the last half of the season) and having a horrible OC meant that teams put 8 in the box and we simply couldn't take advantage as we didn't get separation down the field.

But our offense would look a lot like what Dallas ran last year in terms of sets and to a lesser extent plays. Having CJ and Kittle hurt the last part of the year along with our top WR out really made our offense anemic.
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This guy should hold clinics on pad level and rolling hips through the block. The first person to apply for that clinic should be GARRETT CELEK!!!

Nice on film. Looking forward to seeing him in the preseason.
I think he's got potential to make the roster
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