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Phoenix 49ers Mock Draft V2.0

Round 1-Danny Shelton-NT-Washington-6'1", 340. I wouldn't really buy into the hype about Shelton being a Top 10 pick, I think as time goes on, he'll settle into the top half of the 1st round and wouldn't be shocked if he was there at 15. This is not a pick that I think you make if Fangio is still the defensive coordinator but seeing the comparisons that Shelton has drawn to Vince Wilfork, I think a Mangini coordinated defense would very much benefit from a guy like this, even allowing the 49ers to move Dorsey out to DE. There's certain concerns about Shelton, regarding his effort levels and motivation that need to be looked at more closely but out on the field he plays with a hot motor, has very good quickness for a guy his size and would often require double teams. I think if everything checks out, he'd be a tremendous addition to the defense and an anchor to hold up against opposing team's running games.

Round 2-Duke Johnson-RB-Miami-5'9", 206. Just the pure explosiveness and athleticism of Johnson is what I am intrigued by. He brings a new dimension to the offense than any other 49ers RB currently. If Frank Gore does not return, then this is an especially useful pick. Johnson isn't the biggest guy for his size he's still very physical, a true homerun threat with the ball in his hands, get this guy out in the open field and he's a nightmare for defenders to stop.

Round 3-Phillip Dorsett-WR-Miami-5'10", 180. Going back to back with Miami picks here to add some speed to the offense. Phillip Dorsett verified his explosiveness at the Senior Bowl practices. He seems to have true "see ya" speed and while at times he lets the ball get too much into his body, he fits the 49ers need of a deep threat that defenses will have to respect deep downfield regularly.

Round 4-Byron Jones-CB-UConn-6'0", 195. Talented defensive back that suffered a season ending shoulder injury in October. Has played safety and cornerback. Versatile, intelligent guy with good awareness and good size for the position as well.

Round 5-Wes Saxton-TE-South Alabama-6'4", 235. H-back type, can attack the seam with his speed, good hands, has experience as an inline blocker but would need more experience there. A guy that is versatile and can be moved around all over the place, has played at WR and even FB. A nice guy to develop as a #3 TE perhaps.

Round 6-J.R. Tavai-OLB-USC-6'2", 250. Tavai is an interesting candidate for OLB, has experience playing with his hands down and standing up, a little on the smaller side but plays with a very high motor. Blue collar, nitty gritty kind of player, could potentially be a replacement for Skuta if he goes elsewhere.

Round 7-DeVante Davis-WR-UNLV-6'3", 220. This is the big receiver that some people have been coveting. Worth a look this late in the draft. Hands and route running both need work, questions about his ability to separate at the next level as well but in college pretty much all he did was catch touchdowns. He'd be a very good pickup at this point of the draft, if nothing else maybe he could be worked in on special teams considering his size and physical nature.

*Comp Picks.

There is the possibility that the 49ers receive some comp picks, based on what Maiocco has listed, here are my two comp picks.

4th Round Comp Pick-Sean Mannion-QB-Oregon State-6'5", 230. Mannion is kind of the anti-Kaepernick, more of a classic pocket passer, not very mobile, experienced in a pro style offense. Has a bit of a hitch in his throwing motion, looks kind of jerky at times but he does manage to get the ball out pretty quickly. Very pro ready guy, shows a good job working through his progressions, has a tendency to try and force things when he should just simply throw the ball away or checkdown.

7th Round Comp Pick-Chaz Green-OG/OT-Florida-6'5", 305. Talented lineman that can play at either tackle or guard, very athletic for his size, a good fit for a zone-blocking scheme. Injury issues are really the main reason why he would fall this far. Has been injury prone in college similar to 49ers 2014 draft pick Kaleb Ramsey. Lots of upside to him though, moves very well laterally, quick feet, definitely worth a flyer this late in the draft.

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I really like the first 3 picks. I don't know very much about the rest of the players, but I do like that you addressed our weaknesses well with players that can add speed to the offense and strength to the defense. If we get Chudz, I could definitely see us going Miami heavy. Good draft as usual GM Phoenix.
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Very nice Mock, this looks like a Mock that fits into what Tomsula and his staff are. I can totally see Mangini and Tomsula have a lot of influence in the Danny Shelton pick. I'm also hoping Trent Baalke drafts Byron Jones, another one of those versatile DB's sort of in the mold of Chris Culliver. actually he 's in the mold of Chris Culliver.
Crossing my fingers on Sean Mannion, I just wanna see the 9ers finally develop a rookie QB instead of relying on second tier veterans. Good job Phoenix.
I want Dorsett, Lockett, or Devin Smith, and I want whichever one we get 7 touches a game next season. Catching, returning, rushing. Is that so much to wish for? Like the mock a lot, too.
Nice mock
Drafting a NT in the first round? I'm not sure how I feel about that...

But I do like the following picks, especially Bryon Jones.

Nice mock
So are we sticking with the 3-4 now with Mangini?
Originally posted by tjd808185:
So are we sticking with the 3-4 now with Mangini?

Yes. But you're likely to see more of a Parcells, Belichick version of the 3-4, not the Fangio, Dom Capers style. Hence why I think you'll see a bigger emphasis on the nose tackle.
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This is the best mock thus far!

Id like to see weaknesses tho otherwise it's jus hype

Originally posted by tjd808185:
So are we sticking with the 3-4 now with Mangini?

God I hope so, 4/3 with Borland
Duke Johnson seems to be a leading back in a very talented class. However because of the depth in the draft, I think the Niners could wait till later to pick.

I could see them targeting an OT, DE, or WR at that pick.
I love it.
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Phoenix to the WZ : Oh you guys like BIG receivers...well I will put one in my mock....in the 7th round.

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I'm digging errryone's mock drafts and this one is really nice as well!

Down with most of the picks and love the first two, but please... no more WRs under 6 ft. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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