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The Mock of The Year (2.0)

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Grabbing a CB, WR, OLB and Safety is the idea, it would be awesome to get 2 CBs, 2 WRs, a Safety and OLB within the first six picks.

The way your picks go will have to involve some really naive FOs, however... if you find some, let me know. I'd like to make a few million dollars with some ideas I have in mind
If this mock draft happened (or anything close) 49er fans would be in heaven. However, no chance.
I can see Baalke possibly trading up once in the 1st rd...but not twice. Waaay too expensive.

Ealy's good, but think Easley's a better fit for the 5-technique.

Bucannon's fine at S.

Skov isn't healthy. Harbaugh needs an ILB he can count on to compete/play this season. Bradford or Christian Jones make more sense.

The rest are fine.

You ended up with 1 WR and 1 CB, no KR guy, no pass rusher.
Trades are unrealistic. Use the draft value chart
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On top of what others have said, you can't even spell Mike Evans name right, twice. You fail.
"In the NFL size matters. I am not a fan of small, light WR's who cannot get off the LOS. And the NFL is going away from smaller corners to bigger more physical corners. We have to understand something: we are in the NFC West, THE toughest division in the league. The NFC West isn't for the faint of hearts; it's the big boy division as the Broncos found out"
You say this without mentioning that the Broncos had 2 "big" receivers. 6'3", 230 pound Demaryius Thomas and 6'3", 214 pound Eric Decker. Seattle didn't have trouble defending "big" receivers last year but guys like T.Y. Hilton and Kendall Wright made some big plays and had good games against them. You can only get bigger to an extent, and to beat a bigger secondary, you don't necessarily need to go with bigger receivers.

The offense gains nothing if you're trying to go strength vs strength and have your receivers out-muscle already big cornerbacks. Boldin is about as physical as receivers get, what did him sparring with Sherman over and over gain the 49ers in the first game they played in? He spent more time trying to fight off Sherman than focusing on his routes. If Seattle shutdown Calvin Johnson, just how much bigger/stronger are you going to get?

You beat bigger cornerbacks by adding speed and quickness, guys who can "wiggle" and who can go where the defense can't. You can't hit or knock around what you can't touch.

The bigger Seattle's secondary gets, the more imperative it becomes to add speed and quickness in spades. Stretch that defense out, force Chancellor out of the box and into coverage, don't let them cheat on their coverage, keep Thomas back, make them defend the whole field. You need receivers that can run very clean routes, that have a quick first step that allows them to fly past coverage or made sudden cuts that leaves those big cornerbacks trailing behind them. Whether big or small, you want guys that can quickly create separation and get downfield in a hurry.
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Buwahahahahahaha- I stopped reading after you said move up to the ninth and 13th picks and still had a lot of names below. Realized, you know nothing about pro football and the draft. Either a kid or a mental patient off their meds.
Conditional 2015 Pick. You would have to give up our 1st and 2nd round picks for 2015 and even then it probably wouldn't be enough.
Such a unrealistic mock N trades. . N this coming from a veteran with 2100+ posts. ..

Fans abound, huh
I'm lost for words lol
Hell yeah. Seems legit. Just trade up a couple more times and get Stephen Tuitt and Brandin Cooks and then it will really be a good draft.
Originally posted by 9ersLiferInChicago:
Fans abound, huh

Not when you bill it as the mock of the year and it has ZERO chance of happening.
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well, yeah... this could be the mock of the year... only (meaning) if you're trying to mock us
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