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ABs 2 Round NFL Mock Draft, 2nd to Last
I know you've done your research on this
So I'm going to respect your mock and say I like it

Just not sure how I feel about Roberson being our first CB taken
Also not too sure how I feel about Ford... I haven't researched him much
I like Ford but am not real sure he fits us well, my own feeling on that. I am not a fan of the other 2 picks. Having faith in our FO the way I do i'd be optimistic, while quietly disappointed.
To be honest, I only like the Latimer pick. I think Dee Ford will be good, but I don't want to draft a pass rusher so high. Not a fan of Roberson
Not really feeling the mock. Confused by a lot of the picks. Verret ahead of Fuller. Dee Ford to the Niners.
Verret before Fuller isn't a stretch and you can never have enough pass rushers. Pass rushers are scarce in this draft. Don't love the Ford pick but it isn't horrible.
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