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The All-WR Mock 49er Draft

No kelvin Benjamin! Fail..
Originally posted by xcfan:
Originally posted by Travisty13:
Agree. I bet he goes later than most people think he would.

who ya got at 30?
Matthews (Jordy Nelson type of WR to me), Cooks (speed, tough, can score at anytime), Benjamin (though his hands make me nervous, his talent is undeniable. His speed is a big question mark too), Adams (curious to see what he time, reminds me of Crabtree-lite), and Beckham are all guys I'd target before Robinson. Robinson, to me, is a guy that is good but doesn't have that one quality that stands out. Has average speed, plays smaller than his size, relies to much on body catching, not a great jump ball receiver. He's very average in my eyes. Not worth a 1st at all to me.
I've been thinking about even getting Cooks in the first. Dude has major upside.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
It doesn't surprise me at all to see this on the WZ. I think this is what WZers really want. A WR in every round.

You would.
I would definitely trade back a few times to pick up more picks, and then draft more Wide Receivers
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