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patton had more yards than your top 4

Originally posted by iowa49er_75:
Hunter is a good "athlete" per say but he isn't in my mind near the football player that Patton is. Hunter has the height and speed to be able to do some things but isn't near the route runner that Patton is. To go along with that Hunter doesn't offer a whole heck of a lot after the catch,(don't really see to much fighting for yards after the catch, all he usually tries to do is run sideways and get around defeneders, but usually ends up losing yardage.) And to go along with what Phoenix49ers said, Hunter has unsure hands and also catches the ball with his body to much. Another thing I have seen with him is he doesn't play very physical, wait and see what happens when he gets matched up with a press corner.

As far as Ertz goes, he isn't a bad player, he can do some good things, but isn't a player that I am going to be like OMG we didn't draft him. We had a more pressing need at the beginning of the 2nd round and I think we filled that nicely with Tank Carradine- can get after the quarterback, relentess pursuit, high motor, and athletic.

And thinking that for some reason our offense won't be able to function this year, because "we don't have a guy that can blow the top off of defenses" is obsurd. Look man we got guys that can make plays on offense. Crab, VD, Boldin, Gore, Hunter, James, Williams, & Manningham. Throw in Patton and McDonald and a quarterback who has a cannon for an arm and runs like a deer, along with one of the best offensive lines in football and I would say we got a pretty well-oiled machine on the offensive side of the ball. To sum all of that up we nevered "needed" Justin Hunter, our offense will do good things this year, and I am as excited as anyone to have Quinton Patton be a niner.

That is all for now and go Niners

Justin Hunter's drop rate in 2012=12.5%

Quinton Patton's drop rate in 2012=0.9%

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Originally posted by modninerfan:
Originally posted by Rascal:
Oh I am all for it. Pleaseeee make a fool out of me !! Please do !! I totally welcome that !! Whatever happened has happened already however unfortunate it may be, is too late for us to undo those decisions now. What are you talking about ? I am a 9ers fan, of course I hope they prove me wrong, I don't have a problem with it whatsoever.

There is no need to tell me to shut up cos sh*t does happen from time to time, do you remember the statement which somehow I can't seem to be able to locate on your list "we should have drafted Aaron Rodgers" ? Hmm, strange, I thought it might have been on it since you made such a huge effort in making your list so all-encompassing.

Just remember, not every move made by the 9ers are golden. As a true fan, you are compelled to celebrate the good as well as recognizing the bad. Alright, buddie ?!

You missed the point... you make your comments as if its fact, which it is not. If you know who we should have drafted then why aren't you on an NFL staff smart guy?

I've made my hit and miss claims too... the thing is, i've come to realize that watching Highlights on Youtube does not equal watching scout tape. So why bother? None of us really know what we've got till August/September.

What comments did I make as if they were facts ? I only said the value of both Hunter and Ertz were definitely there as evident by Hunter getting picked at 34th and Ertz at 35th. In other words, if they were over-hyped or seen by teams as being crap they would have slipped big time. That is factual, isn't it ?!
Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
comparing the yards they had in college as a basis for selecting a WR isnt wise. You always look at results, but they are not the only factor. So this thread really has NO POINT.

You have to look at the measurables, the individuaul, the system, the competition, the talent, the QB who threw to him, etc. Its not just about yards. If that was the case, Danny Woodhead would have been the first RB selected.

I love Patton, BTW, but come on.

This! I am always humble when speaking on the draft...just too much I can't know. Even if I had the time to do the research I would like to do...still wouldn't have access to what teams have. The fact that Jesse Williams dropped so much lower than all the "experts" predicted and Da'Rick's not being drafted are examples of why we should all eat a bit of humble pie!

As far as talent alone...Al Davis proved over and over again that speed is nice but is not the most important element of analysis. I love the fact that TB and JH value team leadership so highly! I tried to find a place that listed team captains for all the college players but couldn't find one. Anyone know if this is listed by any of the sites?
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