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With this QB slide, Matt Scott might actually make sense.

I wrote off taking a developmental QB when Matt Scott started getting mocked in the 2nd and 3rd. But Bray, Nassib, Barkley, and others are still on the board and no one is taking the bait.

I'd take Scott at 6-180 and kick Tolzien to the curb.
Should always have a development QB on the roster somewhere.
Originally posted by boomer49er:
Should always have a development QB on the roster somewhere.

Got other names in mind in case someone reaches for Scott early? I'm just assuming he's the best fit for Harbaugh.
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Sean Renfree from Duke is a good possibility to compete with Tolzien and McCoy.
I don't think Scott will fall to the 6th but I would not be upset if the 49ers elected to take him with the 4th round comp pick. Yep, its not a need, but having a primo long-term backup for Kaepernick or a Plan B in case for some crazy reason they can't re-sign him.....I'd be down for that. Scott has all the tools to run the same offense, has mobility, a strong arm, good leadership skills, he'd be a nice QB to develop.
Nassib is better than Tolzien
Originally posted by Donnies49ers:
Nassib is better than Tolzien

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