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Day 3 Draft Chat Up - Join Now (All Are Welcome)

As most of you know the Webzone goes down every draft and they put up the chat room to help keep the amount of people on the board down.
Here is the link for the chat:

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Looks like the WZ/Paradise chat is still down. We have a chat room that works fine but they put a character limit on what you say so that's the only down side.
bump, a few of us left in there... looking for more
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I don't like the look of webzone's/paradise's chat. The tinychat is much better.
Up, day 2 chat if anyone wants to to join is up now and will run throughout rounds 2 and 3 a few hours after.
f**k that noise

I got kicked out yesterday
jreff, you got kicked? Doesn't sound like you. Were you doing something wrong? If you come in today it's just me so far as the mod until bryan and todd get there. The chat got a lot better after the seattle fans left and our guys stopped playing with nicknames.
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Strengths Carradine flashes explosion off the snap to challenge the lateral agility of right tackles, and can swipe them away with strong hands to slingshot into the pocket. He also plays with the leverage of a shorter player, brings a strong initial punch to bull lesser tackles off the ball, and simply shoves tight ends away like ragdolls in the run game. There's certainly no issue with his motor, as he will hustle to the sideline if the play can be made.

Weaknesses Though Carradine shows most all of the physical attributes teams covet in a defensive end, his lack of experience is a negative. And if he isn't on the field for any extended period of time in 2012, it might be tough for scouts to give him a starter's grade because they don't know what his level of stamina against better competition.

NFL Comparison Justin Tuck

Bottom Line On most other defenses, Carradine would have started as a first-year junior college transfer, but Bjoern Werner and Brandon Jenkins limited his snaps in 2011. Still, he flashed real athleticism and strength and was able to take the starting right defensive end spot by the horns when Jenkins was sidelined for the season. Carradine appeared to be headed for a first-round selection, but a torn ACL will limit his by Browse to Save">work prior to April's draft. The talent is certainly there, however.

up, come in guys we are starting it up for the final day. will run throughout the day and until the draft is finished and then maybe and hour or two after.
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