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DRAFT DAY POLL: Stay at 31 Or Trade To Move Up?

DRAFT DAY POLL: Stay at 31 Or Trade To Move Up?

I'm okay trading up a few slots. I'm not sold on jumping up into the teens. I just don't see much difference between who might be there at 13 and who might be there at 31. Not unless somebody falls unexpectedly - that seems to happen every year.
trade up
i didnt put a response for this simply because it depends on who is avalable when /if we trade up and who we are trading up for
The question remains are they going to go after a successor to Justin Smith.
Originally posted by ninertico:
For me, I would package our #34 plus #93, a fourth a fifth and a sixth to get down to the early teens. I believe that #31 will be valuable, very valuable if QBs are still available by #31. Trade #31 for 2014 1st and their 2013 2nd to land one the BPA at position of need. We will land another future starter in the this second while having an extra ordinary value chip for a better talented top heavy 2014 draft. And that that's just our first round dealings.

Those trades sound awesome, because they're absurdly unfair in favor of the 49ers. The teams that need QB's are not going to give us a 2013 2nd round pick and 2014 1st to trade up to 31. And we aren't getting to the early teens with #34, a late 3rd pick, and other late round picks. Depending on the team, trading our first round pick for a 2014 1st may be fair and anything else we get is a bonus.

We aren't trading 31 and 34 for an early teen pick, a second round pick (which would probably be early 2nd based on the teams that need QB's), and a 2014 1st round pick. Other teams aren't that stupid.
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Originally posted by Chief:
We will jump the Rams and either select the safety Reid or the safety from Texas, can't remember his name, stats with a V.

Move up to #18 and pick a Safety....
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Move up to #18 and pick a Safety....

Eric Reid

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