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I dont care what anyone says...but if our draft looks anything like this, I would lose it. This is awesome. The only pick I would have done differently wouldve been is to exchange the QB pick with another good safety or runningback. Thoughts?!?!
Cordarelle Patterson in the mid second around
i say trade Matt Scott for Marcus Lattimore and im sold!!
Would not be too upset if this did not happen but man they sure got some reaches and fallers in this mock. I know its the draft but damn!
Qb in the 3rd!? Hell no
Allot of webzone favorites on that list... the author must be a zoner haha
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
Qb in the 3rd!? Hell no

I agree... I liked Matt Scott but then when we got McCoy I was content to just scratch backup QB off our list of needs.
That dude is a dumb*SS we don't own pick #237 was trade to tha browns ... N f*ck no to a 3rd round QB N a midget head case
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Well, this mock confirmed my wishes of not wanting to trade up. So many possibilities. While it's not a terrible mock. with a couple tweaks we hit a grand slam...... On paper anyway.

Swearinger and Ertz in the 2nd... I would s**t bricks
Zach Ertz in the bottom of the 2nd
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Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Cordarelle Patterson in the mid second around

LOL!! This guy is probably the best WR in the draft really doubt he falls that far. Shoot if he fell to the 2nd round all bets are off we need to draft him!!!
Geno Smith is not gonna fall to the second round.
I would throw stuff at my TV if the Niners selected Matt Scott over Jamie Collins or Alex Okafor in the 3rd. I dont like Scott or Mathieu at all in rd 3. Also do not like Swearinger over Hayden at 34. This guy must love Stanford TE's for the Niners... not one but 2!

I think this mock is a fail to tell you the truth.
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