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49ers 2013 NFL (Mock) Draft v1.1

1st Round: DL Jesse Williams Alabama 6'3" 323
You have to think the 49ers are going DL and S with these two first two picks. The questions becomes, who's the best player on the board. I think the Niners will have their choice of DLs that may include Jesse Williams Datone Jones, Jonathan Jenkins, Jonathan Hankins, Sly Williams, Kwann Short and Margus Hunt and S including Jonathan Cyprien, Eric Reid and Matt Elam. Now I can go on and make a case for pretty much any and all of those players, but to me, the guy that has the most upside and has the most to offer the 49ers is Jesse Williams. Williams is more raw than a lot of the guys on this list, but he is a force and offers a lot of scheme versatility. The guy is extremely explosive off the ball, flys around the field, can hold at the point of attack and has a terrific motor. He projects nicely as a potential DE or NT in a 3-4 and would make a great fit along the 49ers front.

2nd Round: S Jonathan Cyprien Florida International 6'1" 217
If a DL is the pick at 31, then I think the 49ers look at S at 34 and I suspect all the guys the 49ers will be considering at 31 at the position will be there at 34. To me, out of Cyprien, Reid and Elam, Cyprien is the most complete safety - a guy that can fly up to the line of scrimmage to play the run and also play deep to make sure nothing comes in over the top of the defense. That versatility reminds me a lot of Goldson.

2nd Round: OLB Jamie Collins Southern Miss 6'3" 250
The Niners can go in multiple directions with this pick, looking at a CB, WR, TE, DL, etc. But given what happened to the pass rush late last (i.e. it disappeared) I think the 49ers will be looking to jump all over an explosive pass rusher early in the draft. Jamie Collins, an uber athletic DE/OLB has been jumping up draft boards and would be a great addition to play a Bruce Irvin-like role next season. I think this could be the surprise pick on Day 2.

3rd Round: CB Darius Slay Miss St. 6'0" 192
I think CB becomes less of a need with the Asomugha signing, but no doubt the 49ers will be looking to add big, talented CBs in the draft. Slay reminds me a lot of Culliver - a big, fast, physical CB who can match up on the outside. He is another prospect that has been climbing lately and again, would be a good addition to an already deep secondary.

4th Round: TE Vance McDonald Rice 6'4" 267
TE is suddenly a big need for the 49ers and they might need to trade up into the 3rd Round to grab McDonald who possesses a rare combination of size, strength, speed and hands.

4th Round: WR Da'rick Rogers Tennessee St. 6'2" 217
Here's another flyer I think the 49ers can afford to take; Rogers is a super talented WR that has everything you look for in a match up nightmare on the outside - size, strength, speed, and playmaking ability with the ball in his hands. He looks every bit the part of a Terrell Owens and that comparison encapsulates both the good and the bad. Rogers has some character red flags that will cause him to drop, but if he's there in the 4th Round, the 49ers would be crazy not to take a chance.
Not a bad mock
I'd rather have D.Jones N a DT/NT later ... not a fan of Rogers N cyprien or McDonald ... TE I like is kelce N S is Reid that slay N Collins picks been reading that Collins may go as high as first round or early second now so not sure ....
The best thing we can hope for is a run on OL, WR and QB in the first round. That will push a lot of quality DL and S picks down to us. One thing to consider, if Baltimore is def drafting a safety at #32, then maybe we draft our top safety at #31 and pick up DL at #34
I'd swap 1st and 2nd with Balt behind us.
Originally posted by miked1978:
I'd swap 1st and 2nd with Balt behind us.

Good point. With both Pollard and Reed gone, and with Ngata there, you'd think they'd go S over DE/DT. Datone Jones is growing on me, too. And I'd take Cyprien over Eric Reed. I just don't see it with Reed. Dude has poor instincts, IMO, and makes too few plays for a player with his measurables.
I'd be happy with this outcome!
With 13(?) picks left, I would like to see the Niners pick-up a NT who can at least occupy two OL, a S with some size (6 or more) speed, and some blooming smarts, a big corner w/speed, a WR with size and speed (please NOT Austin), a pass catching TE, another pass rushing DE/OLB, and a raw but high ceiling OL. With some draft day deals, this can be accomplished and I'm sure the Niners will pull this off. And obtain a high pick for 2014. I don't get into analyzing all the potential picks. That job belongs to the Niners braintrust. So, whomever in the hell they pick, I trust these guys will be gems and finds that no one else knew about.
Da Rick wont be dere in da 4th
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